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A note from Dr. Naler to you…

“I have never loved my career more.  Our patients are terrific.  I meet so many unique personalities, hard working individuals and understanding people.  Whoever said work couldn’t be fun did not know our team and our patients.  I love what I do and I’m proud and so grateful to be practicing dentistry in Platte City, Missouri!”

–Adam Naler, D.D.S.

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“Dentistry allows me to indulge my artistic side while drawing on my love for biological science, physics, and medicine. Beyond that, I find fulfillment in exercising my skills every day to help people have healthy smiles as we solve their dental concerns.

I enjoy meeting people, learning something about them, then educating them about how to make the most satisfying dental choices for themselves. When I’m asked about how I approach my patients, I answer that I, along with my team, am great at both listening to patients and explaining solutions. Education is the key!”

Dr. Naler loves the freedom that private practice dentistry offers to him, his patients and his team, because it allows for the best quality of care and a broader range of treatment options.  Patients also appreciate that treatment plans are tailored to meet their financial needs.  Dr. Naler says, “I try to treat each person in a way in which I would want my own family treated.”

On a more personal side (see his professional credentials below), Dr. Naler loves his community and he enjoys volunteering. You’ll find him and his team at local schools helping young people understand the importance of taking care of their teeth and providing dental screenings and fluoride treatments for students.  They also participate in the Platte County Health Department’s annual Health Fair.

Dr. Naler finds joy in helping those in need.  He joins other dentists in providing care for needy patients at local events sponsored by the Platte County Health Department and Doctors With a Heart.  He is very involved with his church and takes part in mission trips several times each year to serve the poor in other countries. Click here to find out more about his favorite ministries.

Dr. Naler is married to Sarah.  He first met his wife while on a mission trip to Uganda, Africa.  They met again about a year later on another mission trip to India and knew they were meant to be married!  Sarah is a labor and delivery nurse by trade, but is presently busied with the care of their three boys! 



He and his wife, Sarah, were married in June 2012.  They celebrated the beginning of their own family with the September, 2013 birth of their first child, Brogan Lucas Naler.  

Gillen Troy Naler was born in March, 2015.  “God has blessed me with an awesome family, I love spending time with them at home and about!  The boys and my wife are among the greatest joys in my life.”





McConnell Arlon Naler was born in August, 2016 on Dr. Naler’s birthday!  He was received quickly and readily by Brogan and Gillen as yet another source of entertainment around the house.  Three boys makes for a lot of activity at home!  Not a day goes by that there isn’t some new discovery or lesson learned from being the brother of two very energetic and curious brothers…

ThPipe and kilte love of music permeates Dr. Naler’s life.  He sings and plays both the guitar and piano.  He also loves playing bagpipes.  He currently performs with the Kansas City St. Andrew Pipes and Drums, a nationally premier pipe band.



Coming in December, 2017!  Yep, baby #4…  Boy or girl?  Time will tell 🙂



Dr. Naler’s Credentials

Adam Naler, D.D.S. was born in Kansas City and grew up in Blue Springs.  He attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry where he not only received his degree in dentistry, but also gained advanced undergraduate training through the Senior Departmental Clinic Honors Program in Oral Surgery.  He is a recipient of The Golden Forceps Award for having performed the most successful oral surgery procedures prior to graduation.  Dr. Naler has also received the American College of Prosthodontics Undergraduate Achievement Award for aptitude shown in the area of dentures and partial dentures.

Dr. Naler has been a member of the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association, and the Greater Kansas City Dental Society.  He is currently a member of the Mid-Century Dental Study Club of Kansas City where he and other dental professionals network and review the latest dental techniques and services.

Dr. Naler has experience in pediatric dentistry, family dentistry and oral surgery.  He is also experienced with prosthodontics, which is the branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth through the use of crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures or implants.

Contact  Dr. Naler and his team online or call now to make an appointment at: 816.858.5343


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“The dental profession offers the optimal blend between engaging others and providing for them with the abilities I thoroughly enjoy using.”

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“Recent advances in the profession which we have employed in our office have allowed us to provide excellent patient education, top quality dentistry, and an overall superior patient experience.”

–Adam Naler, D.D.S.

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