Our Favorite Ministries

ministries-1Dr. Naler has a heart for those in need not only in our community, but also across the globe. As a man of faith, he is very active in missionary work that brings free dental care and loving support to thousands of people worldwide.  Here are some of his notes and photographs of the work he and other dedicated dentists and dental professionals are doing internationally.

Operation Renewed Hope

“Operation Renewed Hope (ORH) is a missionary organization I began working with in November of 2005.  My first trip was to Indonesia shortly after a tsunami battered the north coast of Sumatera. We were located near the epicenter of the earthquake that caused the tsunami on the island of Nias. I performed dentistry for five days in villages where the people had never before seen a dentist.

I was part of a team of doctors and nurses. We became like family over the following two weeks as we served hundreds of people in need.  Since then, I have served with ORH in countries on nearly every continent!  Our ambition when we travel is to provide education, primary medicine, optometry, and dentistry to the underserved.  Our motivation is church planting and evangelism.

In 2010, while on an ORH mission trip to Uganda, Africa, I met a nurse from South Carolina.  In November of 2011 I met her again in India. In June of 2012 she became my wife!  We continue to travel with ORH as often as we are able.  I consider time out of the office for the purpose of serving others time well spent.  I enjoy every opportunity I’ve been allowed to use my abilities for the Lord!”

Rachel House

“Rachel House is a service for young women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.  Rachel House has offices in Lee’s Summit and in the Northland on Vivion Road.  Their newest facility is located near Paseo Boulevard and Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard in Kansas City.

Girls who seek help from the resource center receive counseling on abortion and education about parenting.  They learn how to begin taking care of their baby even before it is born. Resources are also made available to the girls to help them provide for the arrival of their child.

Rachel House is in constant need of provisions in the way of baby care products, baby clothes and blankets, car seats, prenatal vitamins, and much more.  The nurses and counselors at Rachel House truly care about the lives of the women they are serving. They are also deeply committed to providing new parents whatever is necessary for them to care for their babies after they are born.”

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