Anti-Anxiety Methods

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“We want to provide our patients with choices to ensure their visit is not only pain free, but also anxiety and stress free.”

–Adam Naler, D.D.S.

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Pain and anxiety control have become important aspects of routine dental care treatment. A segment of the population that would otherwise not seek care because of fear or anxiety is now visiting their dentist thanks to alternatives and choices that help them relax and be more comfortable.

We offer patients anti-anxiety techniques which can be safely and effectively administered in the dental office.

Oral Anxiolytics

The definition of anxiolysis is simply, “a reduction in anxiety”. Mild medications may be used to reduce anxiety, yet allow patients to remain completely conscious and able to respond appropriately to verbal commands.

Anxiolysis involves the use of a single anxiolytic drug, in a single dose.  It is prescribed before a patient’s appointment and administered prior to the beginning of the dental appointment.  Anxiolysis is the lightest level of anxiety reducing techniques. Although cognitive function and coordination may be affected, breathing and heart functions are unaltered.  Typically, a patient will feel a bit “fuzzy” or may be slow to “respond” to stimulation for a short time during the dental visit.

If you feel particularly anxious about dental treatment and it’s keeping you away from the dental office, ask Dr. Naler about this mild prescription therapy that can help relieve your stress.  Dental care is a vital piece of overall health care and you shouldn’t let anxiety keep you from seeing your dentist.  You can relax knowing that we offer effective and easy ways to ease your fears.

Nitrous Oxide Use Policy

anxiety-2Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is an inhalation anesthetic.  It is the oldest anxiolytic currently in use in dentistry.  We offer nitrous oxide to our patients who may be anxious about their visit or may need another way to receive treatment.  It can produce mild sleep, and usually begins to work within 3 minutes.

The effects of nitrous oxide are dependent upon the length of administration and the concentration used.  Its effects can be completely reversed by inhaling 100% oxygen for a few minutes after the appointment is finished.

Use of nitrous oxide is perfect for treating children and anxious patients in that it is completely reversible and provides mild anesthesia.  In some cases local anesthesia is even unnecessary!

In most cases, our patients say this type of anxiolysis helps them feel calm and comfortable, and that’s what we’re all about!

Ask Dr. Naler about whether nitrous oxide is a good choice for you.

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